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Handling Customers all over the world

Customers are the important visitors in our premises. Hioxindia has satisfied customers all over the world.
Serving web hosting clients from almost all major countries, states, territories and provinces.

Web Hosting Israel

Hiox India, a leading hosting provider server customers all over Israel. Serves satisfied customers from Israel's main states like Zafon, HaDarom, Jerusalem. We have not listed the websites registered or hosted by our customers for security purposes. This list includes web hosting and domain registration customers from Israel.


State Customers

Our Services

Web Hosting

Hiox India provides web hosting and its related services all over Israel. Serving web hosting clients in almost all major countries, states, territories and provinces. Top states / regions using our services in Israel are HaDarom, Zafon, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Central.

Domain Registration

Hiox India, a domain registration provider, serves customers of all parts of the Israel. Get your desired domain at the cheapest rates ever. .com domain costs 450Rs / year. Includes the most popular domain name extensions like .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, .in, .us, .asia, .eu.

Web Designing

Web Design is the art of creating presentations for content. A website's quality can be judged by its design. Hiox India provides quality web designing at affordable rates.

Random list of customers from Israel - Jerusalem, Zafon, HaDarom.