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Web Hosting by India's Top Listed Web Hosting Company. Our Web Hosting Plans are featured by PHP, ASP.NET3.5, MS SQL Server 2005/2008
Our Web Hosting Plans are featured by PHP, ASP.NET3.5, MS SQL Server 2005/2008

FAQ / Basics
Questions on Domain
  1. What is Domain?
  2. What is Hosting?
  3. What is a Control Panel?
  4. How to create a Website?
  5. How can I pay for web hosting?
  6. What is whois data?
  7. What is a web server?
  8. What is diskspace?
  9. What is the difference between Linux and Windows?
  10. How long will my domain name registration take?
  11. What is PayPal?
  12. How much webspace do I need?
  13. How much bandwidth do I need?
  14. Can I skip from Linux hosting to Windows hosting?
  15. Which hosting platform should I prefer, Linux/ Windows?
  16. If a whois query does not find a domain name, does that mean it is available?
  17. How to increase website monthly bandwidth?
  18. What is Static IP and Shared IP?
  19. I require a web space with JSP and MYSQL support?
  20. When I open my website, I get message like page under construction?
  21. How to make Domain and Hosting order together?
  22. I have forgotten my account/client login password? What should I do to recover it?
  23. How do I change the password for my client Login?
  24. What should I do if I need to design a website through Hiox India?
  25. Where are Hiox India's servers located?
  26. How to place Static IP in unblock list?
  27. How to find the limit for login failure attempts?
  28. Will the service provider have the backup of customer's website?
  29. Even if I don't have a domain name, Can I buy a hosting package?
  30. Do I need to inform after making payment to process the order?
  31. How can I check the renewal of a domain/hosting plan?
  32. How to build a website, without designing it?
  33. Can I use the existing hosting account for my alternate domain?
  34. Do you provide SSH login in shared hosting plans?
  35. How to monitor my website?
  36. How to buy free hosting?
  37. Can I go for half yearly renewal of hosting space?
  38. What is the uptime provided by Hiox India?
  39. Will I get additional bandwidth with purchase of hosting package?
  40. Is there is any cancellation policy available for both demo and other plans?
  41. How to change the wrongly placed domain name?
  42. My website is hacked. What should I do to make it online?
  43. Is it possible to raise the number of login failure attempts in server?
  44. Can I upload a folder?
  45. Is it possible to upload an image folder in a website?
  46. Are there any hidden charges added with the domain or hosting packages?
  47. Is it safe to save the login details in browsers?
  48. My demo account is converted into regular hosting plan. But space and bandwidth limit haven't changed.
  49. What is a website builder?
  50. How to buy the Website Builder?
  51. I am unable to view the under construction page of my website?
  52. How to submit a support ticket?
  53. Do you provide single domain chat script?
  54. How much it will cost to update the name servers?
  55. What is meant by TeamViewer?
  56. I want to buy hosting package. Will it need public IP address?
  57. Do you provide customized hosting package?
  58. Can I pay using my debit card (maestro card)?
  59. How to check the geographical location of IP?
  60. If I develop a website in html can it be made live?
  61. What is Server?
  62. What is Internet Protocol Block?
  63. What is Server block?
  64. What is meant by Internet Protocol?
  65. Why is my site not opening?
  66. When can a customer use the escalation form?
  67. How to use the 'Escalation Form' at HioxIndia site?
  68. What is the timeline shown in bandwidth graph in Cpanel?
  69. What is the minimum period to host a plan?
  70. How do I know that my domain/hosting plan is going to expire?
  71. What is meant by IIS server?
  72. What is meant by Gumblar Attack?
  73. Is it possible to downgrade the hosting account?
  74. Can I change the domain of the hosting account?
  75. Can I buy hosting with unlimited domains, PHP, MYSQL & Ruby functionality?
  76. Will the rate for a package be changed in future?
  77. Does the hosting package include domain name?
  78. What is the server speed of Hiox India?
  79. How much should I pay to buy a single Static IP?
  80. Is it compulsory to purchase both the domain and hosting from a single service provider?
  81. How to enable utf8 support for website web pages?
  82. How to install or support Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi language fonts for website?
  83. How many days will it take to get the refund amount?
  84. How to get live support from Hiox India?
  85. How can I change my profile in Hiox India client login?
  86. What are Child name servers?
  87. Is it possible to host two domain names under the 500 MB hosting plan?
  88. How can I host unlimited domains in my hosting account?
  89. When will I receive invoice for renewal of domain/hosting plan?
  90. Which is the best package for hosting my WordPress blog?
  91. Will I be able to purchase Static IP and SSL certificate jointly?
  92. How to create a folder outside the root directory?
  93. How to ping a website?
  94. How can I get password protection for particular pages?
  95. I forgot my password for my hosting control panel. How to recover it?
  96. How can I post my query at Hiox India site?
  97. I don't know about programming. Are there any helpful tools available to handle a site?
  98. My site is not opening. Are there any issues in it?
  99. How to create a new client login account in HioxIndia?
  100. How to change the profile in client login?
  101. In how many days my website will be in top of search item?
  102. My website is affected by virus. What can I do?
  103. Will I be able to upload the files when my account is expired?
  104. How to redirect a domain name to my blog?
  105. Whether the free templates offered by Hiox India can be used for my clients and commercial purpose?
  106. How can I test my query?
  107. Is it possible to migrate from Windows hosting plan to Linux hosting plan?
  108. How much time will it take to activate an order after cash deposit?
  109. What are the payment options available to make payment?
  110. Can I host Null scripts for my website?
  111. When will be the invoice raised?
  112. Under what circumstances the payment failure happens?
  113. Do you have servers in India?
  114. How to upgrade my web hosting package?
  115. What happens when new account is recreated?
  116. What are the two types of transfer available?
  117. What are the support facilities offered by Hiox India?
  118. How can I set default page for my website?
  119. What should I do to get plug-ins to view the number of visitors to my website?
  120. Why I am receiving security certificate message while login to FTP?
  121. Can I get discount for renewal of a domain/hosting?
  122. I require live chat support facility?
  123. Can I upload files to server if my website is down?
  124. My package expires on tomorrow. Can I know the exact time when it expires?
  125. Can I upgrade hosting plan before the payment is confirmed?
  126. I am getting error while installing WordPress?
  127. Can I change the domain name associated with hosting space?
  128. What is the reason for the downtime?
  129. Where can I get the FTP?
  130. How many sites can I host, if I buy 100MB plan?
  131. Can you increase size of data transfer per month?
  132. What is the difference between domain & hosting reseller?
  133. I need tools to build a website?
  134. How to renew a domain/hosting package?
  135. Is it possible to change the demo hosting from Linux to Windows?
  136. If addon domain is newly created, will it require separate control panel?
  137. What to do when the webspace was overused?
  138. My non English page is not displaying properly. What can I do?
  139. What to do when service provider doesn't have backup of a site?
  140. For renewal of a plan, will you inform the customer through SMS message?
  141. My site is showing 'Reported Attack Page'. What can I do?
  142. What do I do if I forget my FTP user name and password?
  143. How to check the ticket status in support ticket?
  144. What major hosting plans are offered as demo package?
  145. What should I do to get additional grace period to renew my hosting space?
  146. How to find the SMTP server name?
  147. How many pages can I create in my hosting account?
  148. Do you provide SSL certificate for online stores websites?
  149. What to do if I don't want to use the domain/hosting plan further?
  150. Will there be any additional benefit in renewing a domain/hosting before the expiry date?
  151. What is the default port number used in POP3?
  152. Why the 404 error arises?
  153. What is the default port number for SMTP?
  154. Is it necessary to have a domain to buy Static IP?
  155. Can I buy the Static IP for a month?
  156. Is it possible to activate a terminated account?
  157. Will the performance of a browser affect a website?
  158. Can the renewal be done on behalf of the customer?
  159. Can I get support from you for designing webpages?
  160. Is there any software available to upload files other than Filezilla?
  161. I had made payment for my friend's domain order. Can I view all the information of that site?
  162. Will both Linux and windows hosting packages support PHP?
  163. When will you update the fund details, if I add funds to my add fund account?
  164. From where can I install Joomla in our server?
  165. Can you delete all the contents in my war file and also the folders?
  166. How to increase the upload limit in the server?
  167. What is the difference between a customer and a reseller?
  168. Is it possible to cancel the domain or hosting order?
  169. How long the discount will be valid for a hosting package?
  170. What to do when a hosting plan is scrapped by the service provider?
  171. Can I get the login details by raising a ticket?
  172. Does the demo package is provided in reseller accounts?
  173. Is the service tax included in the discount rate?
  174. My site shows 'Under construction' even after uploading the files. Why?
  175. How many DBs and subdomains can I create in a hosting plan?
  176. For how much space, can I get dedicated hosting?
  177. How to identify that a site is pointing a server or not?
  178. Is it possible to migrate a website so quicker to a new server?
  179. Why I am unable to ping my site?
  180. I wish to add new design to my site. How to do that?
  181. Where can I get the server name?
  182. Why my site shows the error "Reported Attack Page?"
  183. Is Domain and Hosting expiry the same?
  184. How can I increase the file upload size/memory limit for a domain?
  185. Do you offer any free hosting service?
  186. What is meant by URL redirection?
  187. What happens when the bandwidth limit is not fully utilized?
  188. How to set web hosting DNS records on other domain name provider?
  189. How to get the basic SEO submission plan?
  190. Is the hacker dos attack proof available with the hosting account?
  191. What should I do after I take domain and hosting plan?
  192. What should I do to make my site appear in Google top search?
  193. I don't have name server but have IP. So, how can I point my domains to a particular IP?
  194. Why my site shows as "Page not found" after registration?
  195. Is it necessary to clear the browser cache files?
  196. My website is showing default home page as some other page. What can I do?
  197. Can my default page anything other than my index.html or index.php?
  198. Unable to login after installation of wordpress theme
  199. Can I store my files in a private directory?
  200. What is the hostname for FTP?
  201. To change or set new default home page in windows using plesk 10.4
  202. To change or set new default home page in linux using cpanel
  203. How can I add myself as a default customer?
  204. How to register your mobile number in Hioxindia ?
  205. What should i do if i did not receive sms to my mobile phone?
  206. Possible reasons for not receiving 'sms' to your mobile phone?
  207. How to redirect a website using JavaScript?
  208. I have not renewed my domain for a long time. Will it affect my website?
  209. When my account will be terminated after its expiry date?
  210. Can I use the data of my old account, after it was terminated?
  211. What is the maximum file size, which I can attach while sending mail?
  212. Will there be any raise in price of both domain & hosting packages?
  213. Where can I find the name server details?
  214. Why the forwarded mails are going to spam folder?
  215. How can I get the transaction details?
  216. What is the default port number for SFTP?
  217. Even after uploading new files to site, it gets redirected to cgi file. Why?
  218. How many domains can be mapped with a hosting plan?
  219. Should I need to pay, if I want to change from one plan to another?
  220. If a hosting account was terminated will it affect the database?
  221. Recently added new domain in the existing hosting plan is not working. What can I do?
  222. How to add second domain to my hosting space?
  223. Do you have a self manageable hosting plan?
  224. Is Linux hosting better than Windows hosting plan?
  225. Can a customer expect the service provider to solve coding related issues?
  226. When will the account be suspended by the service provider?
  227. If a customer upgrades a hosting plan, will he get additional features?
  228. Can you create addon domain for a customer?
  229. Can u delete all the data in my hosting account and make it as new?
  230. When does the service provider terminates a hosting account?
  231. Why the FTP automatically logged out from server?
  232. Can I get discount for the purchase of more number of Static IPs at once?
  233. Can I get support for application specific error?
  234. How to buy a demo hosting package?
  235. Does the path of a folder differ from one hosting to another?
  236. If I buy domain from Hiox India and space from another firm then what is the name server that I need use?
  237. If I buy space from Hiox India and domain from another firm then what is the name server that I need use?
  238. Is it necessary to pay for using the payment gateway?
  239. I had renewed my domain. But I received mail stating that hosting needs to be renewed?
  240. How a customer will know that his/her payment has failed?
  241. Can I get the demo package more than once?
  242. What is the hostname to be used for POP3 and SMTP?
  243. What is the default port number for FTP?
  244. What are the mail clients available other than Webmail?
  245. Is it necessary to update or add settings to server for using other language fonts?
  246. How to buy a https connection?
  247. Is it possible to create mail account with its associated domain name?
  248. My Website Space is modifying frequently. What is happening?
  249. Is it possible to change the wild card settings in shared hosting plan?
  250. Can I purchase DNS and webspace separately?
  251. Can I update the database when the domain was migrated?
  252. What is meant by Grace period?
  253. Why a site fails to display in certain web browsers?