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Hiox India, a leading hosting provider, serves customers all over the world and has satisfied customers in around 50 countries. We have not listed the website's registered or hosted by our customers for security purposes. This list includes web hosting and domain registration customers from different countries.

Customers from Coimbatore


Hiox India Web host Services, Online renewals options so good with user friendly.
- Nandhakumar []
Making Goal Designs, Coimbatore.
- Vishnu Prasad R
Strenia Technologies India Private Limited, Coimbatore.
HIOX India has proved to be one of best Hosting Services in India. They have the lowest rates and have have the best Customer Support.They have servers Which run with an efficiency of 99.99 % We will Continue to host with HIOX INDIA.Thanks HIOX for being there for us.
- Andrew []
IT Rebooted, Coimbatore.
Excellent Support
- Hari
Hiox, Coimbatore.
Support is great
- Karthik
K Technologies, Coimbatore.
- toryalaimoheb
ICube Innovators, Coimbatore.
Very nice
- palmsofjesus
Palms of Jesus Ministries, Coimbatore.
Excellent service support from bottom of my heart
- jonas prabhu
Sundar, Coimbatore.
- arjunraji
- SBOA School
SBOA MHSS, Coimbatore.
- Manivannan
Amypo Technologies, Coimbatore.