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Difference between Linux Cpanel VPS and No Cpanel VPS ?

In Virtual Private Server with cpanel ,you can easily host & manage multiple websites through WHM panel. WHM panel usually comes along with a cpanel user interface.  The WHM panel is pre-built with

How many mails can I send in a day through my VPS hosting ?

There is no restriction in sending mail per day in VPS server. You can sent unlimited mails  in VPS hostingBut at the same time, the spam or unsolicited messages are not allowed to pass through the

How to work without Cpanel in NO Cpanel VPS Plan ?

If you opt for a NoCpanel VPS Hosting, then you can work everything using the shell prompt. You would need complete terminal knowledge as well as be acquainted with running the environment from the

What is meant by swap memory?

What is meant by swap memory?Swap Memory is a Space located in hard disk of a local computer system. Generally the operating systems will utilize the space to store the information, when the amount of

How to get the shell access?

How to get the shell access?Shell Access is provided only with the VPS hosting. So, buy any VPS hosting package to get the shell access feature.

Name the hosting plan which is self manageable?

Name the hosting plan which is self manageable?CPanel VPS is a self manageable hosting plan/package.

When a user can restart the VPS Server?

When a user can restart the VPS Server?Users can restart the server if they are able to login to the server using the terminal.If a VPS server becomes un-responsive and it needs a restart, then the user