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HIOX India's Java Hosting would be the ideal choice for java based web applications and jsp web pages. We provide you with best and cheap java server hosting plans with ideal features. You can choose between shared and dedicated JVM depending on your application requirements. HIOX India is one of the reliable and cheap java web hosting provider throughout India.

Dedicated JVM would well suite for hosting J2EE based enterprise applications. Shared JSP would be best for sites that contain jsp web pages. Choose the plan (Java Shared / Dedicated JVM) that perfectly suits your need at lowest cost.

Dedicated JVM

  • JSP support : yes
  • Tomcat support : yes
  • Mysql Database Support : yes
  • Cpanel support : yes
  • WAR File Deployment : yes
  • Dedicated Heap Memory : yes
  • Host Multiple Applications / WAR files : yes
  • Manage,Start / Stop Application Server : yes
  • Option to Change Required JVM / JDK Versions : yes
  • Dedicated / Private Application Servers - Tomcat, JBoss, Glassfish, Jetty : yes
  • All J2EE Technologies support - JSP, Servlet, Beans, Structs, EJB, JMS, JDBC, JNDI, JTS, JFS etc : yes
Starts From
Rs. 269.00 / month

Buy java hosting at the cheapest price from the reliable web hosting provider in India with the best and ultimate features like warfile deployment, mysql database, tomcat and cpanel support. Get Java Servlet Web Hosting on Apache Tomcat server.

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