Buy cPanel license, Plesk license, Cloud linux for VPS

Hiox India is an official partner now for cPanel license, cloud license and Plesk license. The cPanel Plesk servers needs a paid license to function. Buy cPanel, Plesk and Cloud Linux licenses for VPS at affordable price from here. Order your license today with ease for your Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and dedicated servers at cheap prices in the market.

cPanel License

Start @ 1299.00 Rs / m

    Plesk License

    Start @ 749.00 Rs / m

    • Email
    • Backup
    • User Roles
    • Service Plans

    CloudLinux License

    Start @ 949.00 Rs / m

    • Increased Server Efficiency
    • CageFS technology
    • Hardened Kernel
    • LVE technology

    Softaculous License

    Start @ 120.00 Rs / m

    • Auto installer for cPanel
    • Latest scripts for Wordpress
    • CMS tools

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