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How to add audio files to website?

You need to embed audio element in coding part to add audio file in your website. The audio element attributes are src , preload , autoplay , controls, loop.

src - vaild audio file path

Preload - Its specifies whether audio need to be preloaded or not

Autoplay - Its indicates whether the audio file should be played automatically.

Controls - Its indicated default media controls displayed over the browser.

loop - Its indicates whether the audio file should be play repeatedly.

Add wav audio file into your website by using below code :

<audio src="audio-file.wav" autoplay controls> </audio>

This code will limit browser compatibility and you can use <source>element to provide different audio source in site.

The source element attributes are src ,type.
- vaild audio file path
type - the type of the media file which should be MIME type. eg : type = audio/ogg which indicates that Vorbis OGG audio file. you can menstion the MIME codec in code to help the browser to decide how to play the audio in website by using type ='audio/ogg; codecs =vorbis.

Add audio file into site by using below source element :

<audio controls autobuffers><br><source src="audiofile.mp3"><br><source src="audiofile.wav"><br><source src=""><br>sorry,your browser does not suppor this audio element</audio>

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