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How to Install Wildcard SSL Certificate?

What is a Wildcard SSL Certificate?

It is a single certificate that renders protection to the domain and the multiple subdomains under that. When you want to encrypt your main domain and number of subdomains with a single certificate, then you should go for an Wildcard SSL certificate. Mean while, a regular or positive SSL certificate can protect only one main domain.

For example:
Main Domain -
Subdomains -,, etc.
Before knowing the answer to the question how to install Wildcard SSL certificate for sub domains, have a look at the below given two scenarios.
Scenario 1:
When you have hosted all the domains in the same server, you just need to install Wildcard SSL certificate to that server alone.
Scenario 2:
When you have hosted the domains in the different servers, you need to install the Wildcard SSL certificate individually for all servers.
Refer the below tutorials to know the steps to install a SSL certificate.
How to Install SSL Certificate Using Cpanel?
How to Install SSL Certificate Using Plesk?

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