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How can i use one of my machine as my webserver Managed DNS

Managed DNS

Option 1:

Step 1:Purchase managed DNS which cost just 35Rs at HIOX INDIA(For this your Domain should be registered with us). Get the name server details.

Step 2:Login to the domain control panel using the below link :

Step 3:Modify name server details.

Step 4:Click Manage DNS Record. Now you can set your ip from your account.

Option 2:

Step 1:
Find a free dns service provider [e.g:]

Step 2:Signup for free registration and add a domain & get the name server details.

Step 3:Login to the domain control panel []

Step 4:Select the domain and set the name server details as provided by the free dns service provider.

Step 5:Now you can set your IP from your account in free DNS service provider

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