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How to register your mobile number in Hioxindia ?

At the time of placing any new order, you will be taken to the below given form,

Hioxindia User Registration Form

Then, you will be asked to enter your details.Once you click on 'register' button after entering valid details, you will be requested to verify your mobile number.

Hioxindia Mobile Verification

When you click the 'Get Code' button, you will receive a notification sms to your mobile phone. In case, if you did not receive the code, you can use the 'Resend Button' to resend another code to your mobile phone.

Enter the correct verification code in the pop-up window and once you are verified, you will be redirected to your profile (or) the page of your request.

What should i do if i did not receive sms to my mobile phone

Possible reasons for not receiving SMS

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