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My website is taking too much CPU in server, how to optimize it ?

Most of the user may found that their hosting account has been suspended in server due to excessive CPU usage in server. This can be happen if your site receiving unusually high traffic. CPU related issues are quite common for those using wordpress on shared server.

CPU usage usually depends on the amount of request that your server receives. It may also depends on the number of people accessing your site at same time.

When it comes to wordpress, plugins may consume maximum resource in server. we recommended to remove unwanted plugins and enable only required plugins.

To run site smoothly, you need to log onto phpmyadmin on routine bases and optimize the database tables. Unoptimized data may overload the server. while data table optimization,you can monitor spam and unapproved data in server.

Theme may also one of reason to consume high CPU usage in server. So use simple or optimized theme for wordpress site, so that it wont consume much more resources.

Your home page may create load on your server, to reduce load, ensure keeping your homepage simple. Do optimise your home page by removing unwanted files, links and images.

Disable WP-Cron. This will highly reduce your cpu usage. WP-Cron manges all your scheduled event,so it will continuesly active on site when it is not necessary.

To disable WP-Cron

Add define('DISABLE_WP_CRON',true); in your wp-config.php file to disable the WP Cron system.

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