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How to make WordPress admin wp-admin as password protected ?

Step 1: Login into your hosting cpanel. Under the Security section ,click on Password Protect Directories.

Step 2: Select the Document Root for your domain, then click Go.

Step 3: Click on your wp-admin directory.

Step 4: Check Password protect this directory, give it a name, then click Save and then click on Go Back

Step 5 : Then create user with password for authorized to access wp-admin.

Step 6 : Type user name and Click on Password Generator. Generate password and copy your password then Check 'I have copied this password in a safe place' and then click on Add/modify authorized user.

Step 7 : When a user attempts to access the wp-admin through a browser, the site will prompt them to enter a username and password. The name that you choose for the protected directory will also display in login . Type user name and password which you have created for password protect directories.

Step 8 : Then, Your normal WordPress admin login page will display.

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