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what I need to do to point domain to the server?

To point your domain to the server you need to update the details as mentioned in the mail that is received to you from support@hioxindia.comDo refer to the mail which asks you to update your nameserver

Can I create email before domain propagation?

Yes, you can create emails before the domain propagation.But sending or receiving email can be done only after the propagation of domain name. Usually,

What to do if website is not working?

If your website is not working, you need to do the following procedure given in the flow chart below.

Why my domain website is not working even after domain propagation is done?

Normally, domain propagation takes time of about 5 - 24 hours. Different ISP gets different timing for propagation, so you can wait for another 12 hrs to propagate. Even after waiting long hours,

Why it takes more time for domain propagation?

Usually, it takes about 5-24 hours to propagate. Time get varies on different ISP providers such as Airtel, Aircel, Jio, etc.,