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Wowza Hosting India

Wowza Media Server is a high performance media streaming server software to stream live and on-demand videos, audios, and RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) to computers, smartphones, tablets, TV screens, etc. It is a reliable server with which you can stream any media platform and on any screen simultaneously. HIOx India offers you with Wowza hosting service that is simple and cost-effective for live streaming in your website. With our Dedicated Wowza Media Server Hosting you can have the complete control of the media server for live video streaming in your website. Make your live streaming reach any screen, anywhere easily with our wowza hosting.

Wowza Media Server Hosting For Live Streaming

Plan 200

8500 / Month

  • Space 200 GB
  • CPU Xeon Single Core
  • Ram 1 GB
  • Bandwidth 5000 GB
  • Setup Fee Rs.50500 / $995

Plan 400

16000 / Month

  • Space 400 GB
  • CPU Xeon Dual Core
  • Ram 2 GB
  • Bandwidth 10000 GB
  • Setup Fee Rs.50500 / $995

Plan 1000

30000 / Month

  • Space 1000 GB
  • CPU Xeon Quad Core
  • Ram 4 GB
  • Bandwidth 20000 GB
  • Setup Fee Rs.50500 / $995

Plan 1000

30000 / Month

    Live Video Streaming Features:

    • Perfect solution for media houses
    • With Wowza dedicated server, streaming to multiple types of playback clients and devices can be done simultaneously
    • With admin control, it can be used in many creative ways and in a variety of applications
    • Various customized packages for different needs

    Live Video Streaming Features:

    • Intended for website owners
    • Content delivery networks
    • Mobile operators
    • Multiple systems operators
    • Increases traffic to a significant level

    Deliver rich media streaming to any device through our innovative Dedicated Wowza Media Server Hosting for live video delivery, that simplifies streaming.