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Questions on Live Streaming

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Broadcasting live stream using Flash Media Encoder

The video from web cameras or television (through TV tuner card) is streamed to the server with high quality by Flash Media Live Encoder which helps to broadcast the below events.Sporting eventsConcertsWeb

Flash Media Server for Live Stream Hosting

FMS (Flash Media Server) is a media server from Adobe Systems which helps to stream live video and audio files. It is also used for Real Time Communication - as a chat room or as a multiplayer games. The

I am unable to connect to Flash media encoder to stream the video?

I am unable to connect to Flash media encoder to stream the video?The Flash Media Encoder is used to stream live events i.e. videos to the server. It helps to stream the videos in 'high quality'.Use this

How to upload to stream through FME?

Follow the below steps to upload to stream.Step 1: Download Flash Media Encoder [FME]. Step 2: Install it in your local computer system, from where you would like to upload the live event.Step 3: Now start