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Questions on Linux Reseller Hosting

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Can I create my own plan sizes and pricing on my reseller account?

Yes, you can create plans of any size. A Cpanel/WHM reseller account can be set up in a number of different ways. However, we do allow you to create your own plan sizes and pricing, so you aren't restricted

How many domains can I host in reseller hosting package?

The no. of domains can be host it depends on the plan which you are choosing.Say, If you are choosing the plan 10000, you can host 25 Domains. Also you can create own packages for your customers to provide

Can I increase bandwidth limit if it exceeds the permitted level

Yes, you can increase the bandwidth limit by upgrading the existing hosting plan to the higher level as per your need.Click here to know the steps to upgrade the hosting plan in Hiox India.Exceeding Bandwidth

Can I upgrade or increase my reseller web hosting space at any time.

Upgrading Reseller Hosting Package:You can add additional reseller web space or upgrade to a higher hosting package at any point of time.Additional reseller web space will be charged as follows:*If you

Why should I choose a reseller program?

Choose a Reseller program A reseller program offers you the opportunity to start and maintain a business with a minimum startup cost. It means being a reseller you can generate additional income from your

What is WebHostManager?

WebHostManager (WHM)WebHost Manager is your reseller control center. WHM is used to set up and manage accounts, monitor bandwidth and services, and keep track of your customers. WHM is a very simple interface,

How many reseller panel will be provided with a Linux reseller package?

Customer will get a WHM Login for a Linux reseller package. Based on the reseller plan, a customer can  create cPanel accounts.

I am unable to login to WHM panel. What can I do?

Possible reason could be that the account would exceed the Bandwidth Limit and it would be auto suspended.Solution:You should upgrade your Domain to next Highest Hosting Package.Send your Domain Details

How can I manage my clients domain?

Use 'WHM' panel to manage and control the domains of your clients. Use this link to know how to login to WHM.