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What should I do after I take domain and hosting plan?

Once you make payment for domain and hosting in HioxIndia, the below processes will take place.

1) You will receive a mail from us confirming the successful registration of your Domain name.

2) You will also receive a mail for Client Login and Hosting Setup along with the name server details.

3) Suppose you had purchased both the Domain Name and Hosting from HioxIndia, then the name server details will be automatically updated and the domain name will be properly linked to hosting space.

4) Else, you need to update the name server details you receive from us to map the Domain and Hosting. Refer the following link to do the mapping.

Update Nameservers:

5) After updation, it would take 5 to 24 hours for propagation.

6) After propagation, you can start uploading files in your website.

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