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How to take Website Backup in Linux Cpanel?

How to take Website Backup in Linux Cpanel?

Customer needs to do the following in order to have a site backup -

Step 1: Login to your Cpanel and now click the 'Backups' icon in the Files category.

Step 2: Click on the 'Download or Generate a Full Website Backup' in the Full Backup column.

Step 3:Then enter your 'E-Mail id', click 'Generate Backup' option which is provided below and finally click 'Go Back' button.

Step 4: A mail will be sent by the service provider to you at earliest. Then you need to login to your 'FTP' to download the 'Backup'.

Step 5: You can also download the 'Backup' instantly just by clicking at the backup option after a span of time i.e. after the receiving the mail.

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