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How to create a MySQL Database in Cpanel?

Creating a MySQL Database:

Step 1: Login to your control panel. Click the MySQL databases.

Step 2: Under Create New Database, enter the database name and click Create database.

Step 3: This will create a database with the name mainuser_databasename.(mainuser refers to CPanel login username)

Creating a MySQL User :

Step 1: Under Current Users, enter the username and password and click Create User. This will create a user with username as mainuser_user.(mainuser refers to CPanel login username)

Creating a user does not automatically allow the user to use a database - you need to grant that user permission to the specific database first.

Granting Permission to MySQL User :

Step 1: Under Add Users to your Database, select the user(the user will appear as mainuser_user) you wish to grant permissions for(from the drop box next to User:).

Step 2: Select the database(the database will appear as mainuser_database) you wish to give that user access to(from the drop box next to Database).

Step 3: Select any privileges(abilities to modify the database) you wish the user to have by checking the box next to the privilege's name.

Step 4: Click on Add User to Database to give the user permission to access the database.(mainuser refers to CPanel login username).

Note: You are also provided with a Video Tutorial link on the top left corner that assists you in creating and modifying MySQL databases in cPanel.

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