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How to create/add a FTP account?

Create a FTP Account:

Step 1: Login to your cpanel and click the FTP Manager in your cpanel interface.

Step 2: Click on FTP Accounts.

Step 3: Click Add FTP Account to create or add a FTP account.

Step 4: Enter the login name, password, the quota i.e., disk space for the account in MB(for ex: 10) and the directory you wish to point.

Step 5: After entering all the above click create to add the new account.

Step 6: Your FTP Account will be created/added.

If you enter a single slash(/) in the directory box, the new FTP user will have access to the entire public_html directory and all directories under it.

If you enter the specific directory like say /test, then the new user will be able to access only to that directory. The new user will be able to access any file under his/her directory.

To login you have to use username@sitename as the user(ex: if test is the username used to create the account then FTP login user is test@sitename).

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