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How can I add packages for my reseller hosting package?

Add Packages for Reseller hosting

Unlimited domains can be hosted under reseller hosting package. The web space for each domain to be hosted may vary. Therefore, you can create packages as 3MB, 5MB etc. in order to host domains easily. The following are the steps to add packages.

Step 1: Login to your WHM using username and password.

Step 2: Go to Packages

Step 3: Click -> Add Packages

Step 4: Give name to the package and the quota (in MB) of the package.

Step 5: Assign values to other fields like Bandwidth limit, max. parked domain, max addon domain for the package. As you get 1500MB bandwidth for 100MB space, it is optimal to give 15MB bandwidth per MB space. Say, if you create a package for 10MB give 150MB bandwidth for that package.

Step 6: Click -> Create.

Now, you can host domains using these packages.

Any no. of domains can be hosted using a package.

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