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What are the causes for MYSQL jdbc exception error?

What are the causes for MYSQL jdbc exception error?

The causes for the occurrence of JDBC error are mentioned as below.

1] User may have entered wrong IP Address or Hostname in JDBC URL.

2] Sometimes the Local DNS Server may not recognize the 'hostname' in JDBC URL.

3] In case the user enters incorrect Port number in JDBC URL or else misses it, then it may result in error.

4] In rare situations like, block occurred between Java and DB may disable the connections, for e.g. 'Firewall or Proxy'.

5] If the Database Server is facing downtime, it may also result in JDBC error.

6] When the database server fails to receive either TCP or IP connections, it will also create JDBC error.

Note: The chances of the cases 5 & 6 occurring are very rare if the server is up and accepts connection.

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