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What are the types of Edition available in Oracle Licensing?

What are the types of Edition available in Oracle Licensing?

Basically there are five types of editions are available with the Oracle.

1] Express Edition: This is an entry level, small footprint database. It is available at free cost. However, there are certain limitation with this edition. The restriction is that it can be installed on any size in the host machine with any number of CPUs but only one database per machine. But it can store upto 4GB of user data and use upto 1GB of memory. Further it can also use one CPU on the host machine.

2]Personal Edition: The personal edition of an Oracle Database is developed or designed in-order to provide full featured Oracle Database Environment without any technical limits for the software developers. Note that it is a cost effective one.

3] Standard Edition (I): It is affordable and full featured database for servers. It is most applicable for the servers with Two Sockets.

4] Standard Edition (II):This edition is also affordable and full featured database for the servers which possess a maximum of Four Sockets.

5] EnterpriseEdition: The Oracle Database Enterprise Edition (EE) provides industry leading database solution without any limitations.

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