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How to Install Joomla from Fantastico?

Install Joomla from Fantastico

Step 1: Login to Cpanel.

Step 2: scroll down and select Fantastico De Luxe.

Step 3: Once you are in Fantastico, choose Joomla from the side menu, it's under the Content Management section.

Step 4: To install Joomla, simply select New Installation.

Step 5: Here you need to select the domain to install Joomla.

Step 6: Leave empty to install in the root directory of the domain (access example: http://domain/) or if you would like to install Joomla in a folder on a domain, then you need to enter the name of that folder in the directory box(access example: http://domain/xxx).

Step 7: Enter the admin user name and password you would like to have.

Step 8: Under base configuration, the admin e-mail is the one that will be used to send emails from when you are running the site(

Step 9: Once you've checked all the information is correct, click Install Joomla.

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