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How to get live support from Hiox India?

Just follow the below steps to get live support from HioxIndia.

Step 1: Login to HioxIndia Client Account

Step 2: Click the Live Chat icon in the home page.

Step 3: A new window will open. If you are here to chat regarding your Sales related queries, then select Sales and enter your Name, Email, Phone, Domain, then type your question and click on Chat.

Incase, if you are here to chat for the technical issues, then choose Support and enter all the details to get connected in the Chat.
Note: For Support Chat, you have to enter your registered mail id and its corresponding Support Pin.

Click here to know how to find the Hiox India support pin for your account.

Step 4: A chat window will open there you can ask your queries. Initially, the Hiox Robo, which is a chat bot will answer to your questions. Incase, the answers of Hiox Robo doesn't meet your demands, then you can click on "Chat with Human Support" for the assistance from our support person.

Step 5: After connected with the support person, you can see a 15 minutes countdown timer running in the top which indicates your chat session is going to end in a 15 minutes. But, you need not to worry about that. Incase if your issue is not resolved within that 15 minutes, the support person will extend the chat and help you resolve the issue. If by mistake, you are disconnected with the support person, you can connect back to him once again.

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