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How to Create a Website Using Wordpress?

Website creation is not only a tedious process, it an expensive one too. But WordPress platform has made the website creation process an inexpensive one.

WordPress is free platform that has thousands of website designs to grab. Of all, it highly flexible and compatible with most of the third-party tools and services available to website owners. This is the pulling factor that encourages users to create a website using WordPress.

Steps Involved in Creating a WordPress Website

The below simple steps will walk you through the procedure to create a website using WordPress.
Step 1: Buy a domain name that will suit your website.

Step 2: Get a hosting plan for your website as per your need.

Step 3: Install WordPress using cPanel.

How to Install WordPress in cPanel?

Step 4: Choose your desired WordPress theme to define the look of your website. Its just a quick process and you can also change it in the future if needed.

How to Choose the WordPress Theme in cPanel?

Step 5: Install plugins that are necessary to you. Plugins are essential for the WordPress site as like apps for your smartphone.

How to Install Plugin in WordPress using Cpanel?

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