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How to Restore WordPress Site Backup?

Backups helps you to possibly restore your website after some horrible incidents. There might be some circumstance where you may want to manually restore your database using phpMyadmin. However, it will not that much easy for the beginners to do that.

In this below tutorial, we will show you how to restore WordPress site backup in easy steps.

Steps to Restore WordPress Site Backup

Step 1: Compress the entire WordPress installation folder as ZIP file from the existing source.

Step 2: Backup the database as .sql file.

Step 3: Upload the compressed ZIP file in cPanel under Public_html folder (for main domain). For addon domain / sub domain, upload it under appropriate webroot folder.
How to upload files under Public_html folder?

Step 4: Extract the uploaded file.

Step 5: Create the database and database user.
How to create database and database user?

Step 6: Restore the database backup using phpmyadmin.
How to restore database backup using phpMyAdmin?

Step 7: Update the created database name and database user in the connection string.
How to update the database connection string?

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