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We are receiving the error Secure Connection Failed while opening https? What is the problem?

Security Certificates:

Secure Connection Failed :

Firefox uses certificates on secure websites (those that start with https:) to ensure that your information is being sent to the intended recipient and can't be read by eavesdroppers. To keep you secure, Firefox will warn you if there's a problem with a site's certificate. Note that these warnings don't mean that you currently have a security problem; they just mean that you could have one if you access the site they block.

Bypassing the warning:

You can tell Firefox to bypass these warnings. You should only bypass the warning if you're sure that the site is legitimate. Legitimate public sites will not ask you to do this. An invalid certificate can be an indication of a web page that will defraud you or steal your identity.

Step 1:On the warning page, click Or you can add an exception....

Step 2:Click Add Exception.... The Add Security Exception dialog will appear.

Step 3:Click Get Certificate.

Step 4:Read the text describing the problems with this site.

Step 5:Click Confirm Security Exception if you want to trust the site.

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