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What should I do when my site gets blacklisted?

What should I do when my site gets blacklisted?

To retrieve your site from blacklist follow the below procedure:

1) First, delete unwanted files or harm files found in your site.
2) Send a mail to, requesting to recreate your account.
3) Once the account has been recreated, upload fresh files from your backup.
4) Even though your account is recreated, your site will be still under the blacklisted websites list of Google and Firefox web browser. Your site may have an effect on Google and Firefox.
5) Request Google and Firefox to de-list your site from the vulnerable site list maintaned by them.

Normally, you can request for the removal of your site from the list of Phishing and Malware sites. You can use any search engine to find the method for reporting to 'Google and Firefox' to remove your site from blacklist.

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