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My website is hacked. What should I do to make it online?

My website is hacked. What should I do to make it online?

First, you need to send a mail from your registered mail id to, requesting to re-create the account. You should also look for the loop holes in you scripts or in any of the dynamic pages of your website after uploading new files to ensure that your website is not hacked again.

Then, use your backup to upload the files to your site. If you don't have site backup, then contact us. We will check for the last backup of your website we have taken and will send it to you. Generally we take backup every week and replace with the new one, the next week.

Once we receive your mail, our support team will check the backup of your website and try to restore the data from it. Since we take weekly backup of the website, you may get data if the backup last taken was before it was hacked.

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