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How to make a domain point the web space purchased from HIOX INDIA or What are the values of the nameservers.

Name servers for HIOX web hosting packages?This is a commonly asked question, I have purchased a hosting package from you and have uploaded my files, how to make my domain name fetch pages

My web space is full and all my mails are bouncing back. What can I do?

It seems that your hosting space has been over used. In this situation, first delete few unwanted mails from your mail account. Then clear all the mails located in the trash folder.To avoid this

What to do when the webspace was overused?

In this situation, you have two options. Either you have to bring down the space usage or else you have to upgrade your hosting space to next package.Just delete the unwanted files in the server

How to increase the upload limit in the server?

No, it is not feasible to raise the upload limit directly in the server. If required, customers can upgrade their existing hosting package to next level in order to have more upload limit. The

For how much space, can I get dedicated hosting?

For how much space, can I get dedicated hosting?You can buy either VPS hosting packages or dedicated server packages to get a dedicated hosting for your