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Provide me the details about the size of MSSQL DB in 10gb windows hosting?

Manage your website files, email account, mssql db etc within the allowable limit of 10GB.Note: Shared hosting has restriction on database where huge amount of DB cannot

How many mails can I send from Webmail?

You can send emails according to the hosting you have chosen.Shared Hosting - 50 mails/hour.VPS Hosting - No restrictions in sending emails but bulk and spam content

How to check if CURL is enabled / disabled for hosting?

To check if CURL is enabled or disabled for hosting:Create phpinfo.php file under your public_html directory. Add the following code in your phpinfo.php file and save.

Which hosting support softaculous?

Linux Hosting will support softaculous in cpanel. You can choose the plan which suits for your requirement. Each of the

Why my domain cannot be moved to another account?

You cannot move your domain to another account initially. Only after 60 days of completion, you will be able to move your domain to another Hiox India account. Before 60 days, if you try to move your domain

How much data can I upload in unlimited hosting plan?

Unlimited Hosting does not mean that every resource in the server is provided unlimited. As this Linux hosting package is a shared hosting package, the resources in the server will be shared between sites.

Can i create email-id without having the hosting space?

No, you cannot create Email ID without having hosting space. You can create Email ID, only if you have hosting account for your domain. 

Do I need to pay an extra amount to switch from one hosting to other?

You will not be charged to switch from one hosting to another for the first time. Further, if you switch over from one hosting to another, you need to pay an extra amount please contact our support

How to get my hosting configuration details to my email?

You could easily find your web hosting configuration details in your client login account in HIOXIndia.Step 1: Go to Hioxindia login page