.firm.in Domain Name Registration

Below given table shows the price list for .firm.in (dot firm dot in) domain name extension, website registration price, renewal and domain transfer prices.

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Period Registration Price Renewal Price Transfer Price
1 Year499 Rs 499 Rs 449 Rs
2 Year998 Rs 998 Rs 948 Rs
3 Year1497 Rs 1497 Rs 1447 Rs
4 Year1996 Rs 1996 Rs 1946 Rs
5 Year2495 Rs 2495 Rs 2445 Rs
6 Year2994 Rs 2994 Rs 2944 Rs
7 Year3493 Rs 3493 Rs 3443 Rs
8 Year3992 Rs 3992 Rs 3942 Rs
9 Year4491 Rs 4491 Rs 4441 Rs

.firm.in (dot firm dot in) domain name registration. Price list for .firm.in website extension renewal, transfer

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