.org.in Domain Name Registration

The below given table shows the price details of .org.in (dot org dot in) domain name for website registration, renewal and domain transfer. Just enter your desired domain name without 'WWW.' and click on 'submit' to check the availability. To check for the different extensions, you can choose from the drop-down menu.

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Period Registration Price Renewal Price Transfer Price
1 Year499.00 Rs 499.00 Rs 449.00 Rs
2 Year998.00 Rs 998.00 Rs 948.00 Rs
3 Year1497.00 Rs 1497.00 Rs 1447.00 Rs
4 Year1996.00 Rs 1996.00 Rs 1946.00 Rs
5 Year2495.00 Rs 2495.00 Rs 2445.00 Rs
6 Year2994.00 Rs 2994.00 Rs 2944.00 Rs
7 Year3493.00 Rs 3493.00 Rs 3443.00 Rs
8 Year3992.00 Rs 3992.00 Rs 3942.00 Rs
9 Year4491.00 Rs 4491.00 Rs 4441.00 Rs

.org.in (dot org dot in) domain name registration. Price list for .org.in website extension renewal, transfer

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