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Questions on Linux Shared Hosting

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What is Bandwidth Limit?

Bandwidth Limit First off, don't confuse Bandwidth Limit with Bandwidth (Speed of data transfer).Let us consider that you have hosted a website.Now when some one tries to access your web page from any

What if my bandwidth limit exceeds the permitted level?

Exceeding Bandwidth Limit:Customer's who exceeds the allocated data transfer (Bandwidth Limit) for the selected hosting plan will be suspended automatically from the server.If you decide not to increase

What is addon domains?

About Addon Domains:An addon domain is an additional domain that the system stores. Use addon domains to host additional domains on your account.

Configuring SFTP in Filezilla FTP client

Kindly refer the below link to configure SFTP connection in filezilla.

What is a parked domain?

Parked Domain:Parked domains are simply secondary domains that point to your primary domain. They will serve the same files as your primary domain and otherwise function the same. Parked domains are often

I had uploaded the new files. But still i am getting the old files in my browser. What is the problem.

There are 3 reasons for this problem:1. You might have uploaded your new files under root or other folder instead of public_html folder. Upload your new files under public_html folder.Or2. The public_html

How many E-mail ids can I create in a hosting package

The email account limit varies from plan to plan. You can check your allowable email account limit in the right pane of your cpanel under statistics section.

Why Linux for web hosting

Linux hostingLINUX / UNIX operating system has been known to be very stable and robust. Any website hosted on Linux server will have very high up-time i.e. 99%. Using this platform for web development

How can I access Webmail from outside of cpanel?

You can access the Webmail from outside of cpanel by typing webmail after the domain name in address bar.For Eg: your domain name instead of you would

How do I transfer my hosting from my existing Provider to Hiox India?

To transfer your hosting account from your existing Provider to Hiox India, we suggest the following steps:1) Backup your Files through hosting panel save it in your local folder.2) Purchase a hosting

What is the difference between www and public html folder?

www and public_html There is no difference between the two. The actual directory that you place your web files in is public_html, but www is a symbolic link (like a Windows shortcut) that points to the

What is a path?

Path A path is a directory specification. It tells you where something is located on your hard drive. Linux has a directory hierarchy that begins at /, which is also known as 'root'. In the / (root) directory,

What is a shell?

ShellA shell is a program that runs commands. Users type commands and the shell runs them. Linux uses a shell called 'bash' or the Bourne-again shell, which is a derivative of the Bourne shell.

Will Flash files work in Linux?

The hosting pack has nothing to do with the flash animation files. It will just support files such as flash, dreamweaver and animation files.

I am getting This connection is untrusted message, while logging into CPanel? What can I do?

I am getting This connection is untrusted message, while logging into CPanel? What can I do?Follow the below steps to access your Cpanel through Secure Login, when you are getting This connection is untrusted