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What are the causes for 500 internal server error?

What are the causes for 500 internal server error?

500 error may occur under four circumstances and they are,

1] ASP Version: First check whether you have installed ASP or not. Then verify the version of ASP. The available ASP version's are '1.5/2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0'. If you are using the version below 4.0, then you may face '500 Error'. So upgrade your ASP to the latest available version to avoid 500 error.

2] MVC: Check whether you have installed the MVC version 2.0. If not, you need to install the MVC 2.0 to get rid of '500 Error'.

3] Web.Config: In case you have used web.config file and made any mistake in creation of the web.config file or in the coding portion, then it would result in 'Error 500'. So, check the web.config to avert the 500 error.

4] Database: If any required database is not available or existed in your hosting account, then it would result in 'Error 500'. So, you must check and verify the database's created by you to avoid the error 500 issue.

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