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How to configure outlook express to receive Email


Step 1: Login to your hosting cpanel and create an email account (e.g:

Step 2: Go to your outlook express and select
tools -> Accounts

Step 3: In the resulting page click
Add -> Mail

Step 4: Then enter your name in the Display Name field ( e.g: test name ) and click Next.

Step 5: Now Enter your email in the Email address field ( e.g: ) and click Next.

Step 6: Enter the value for both the field Incoming mail server & Outgoing mail server and click Next .

Step 7: Now enter the full email is as account name (e.g: and the password and click Next

Step 8: Click Finish

Step 9: Now select the account created and click Properties

Step 10: In the resulting page select servers tab and select the checkbox My server requires authentication

Step 11: Then click settings and select the the radio button Log on using and give the username and password as in step 7,

Step 12: Click ok -> ok -> close

Now your outlook express is configured to receive and send email for the email is you created using cpanel.

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