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What Is the Difference Between cPanel and WHM?

After getting your desired web hosting package, you will be provided with a managing tool to control or administer your hosting service. cPanel and WHM panels are such tools that allows the users to manage their web hosting account.

Here we discuss briefly on the difference between cPanel and WHM.


It is a control panel to manage Linux hosting service.

Best fit for the use single person use who doesn't need administrative access for multiple persons.

For managing individual hosting accounts on the web server.

The panel allows the client in various ways like,

  • Creating a website
  • Enabling email forwarding
  • Creating and managing mail
  • Uploading and managing files
  • Passwords reset
  • Managing add-on domains and subdomains etc


Web Host Manager (WHM) allows you to control your dedicated server or VPS.

With WHM, hosting provider can able to manager his/her customer's hosting account.

A cPanel account can be created with WHM panel. The panel allows its users to manage its light to heavy websites suitably.

Of all, WHM panel is also a control panel for resellers.

Who needs cPanel and Who needs WHM?

WHM panel is for the hosting providers, VPS and dedicated server users.

cPanel is for the individual to control his hosting account.

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