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How does HIOX India SMS Verification Works?

HIOX India SMS verification is absolutely hassle free and ensures high security for the users. There will be a SMS verification process while you sign up for the first time and when you change your existing mobile number or email id.

The below tutorial will walk you through how HIOX India SMS verification process works.

Scenario 1: Signing Up for the first time

Step 1: While signing up for the first time, you will be asked to enter your mobile number. Once entered, you will receive an one time verification code.

Step 2: Enter the code to complete the verification process.

Note: Unless you complete the verification process, your account will not be registered with HIOX India.

Scenario 2: Changing the existing mobile number or mail id

As HIOX India is more concerned about the security of customers, SMS verification for changing mobile number and mail id will be a manual process. While changing your current mobile number or mail id registered with HIOX India, you need to have either the existing mobile number registered with HIOX India at the time of manual verification process.

Step 1: Once you initiate the process to change your mobile number, you will get a call to your old mobile number from HIOX India support team.

Step 2: After phone call verification, a verification code will be sent to your old mobile number or registered mail id based on your preference. Click on Enter Verification Code, to proceed.

Step 3: Enter the verification code to complete the verification and update your new mobile number.

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