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How to create a FTP account in Plesk 9?

How to create a FTP account in Plesk 9?

Plesk versions have been updated. For users using the latest versions the following tutorial might be helpful that guides you on how to create an FTP account.

If you are still using Plesk 9, Follow the below steps to know How to create a FTP account in Plesk 9.

Step 1: Login to your Plesk account.

Step 2: Now click the FTP Accounts icon in home page.

Step 3: In new page, click the Add New FTP Account under the title 'Tools'.

Step 4: Then under the heading 'FTP account', enter your account name for FTP, the 'Home directory' by default is set as httpdocs. If needed user can click the folder icon and set new path.

Step 5: Then enter the password and confirm it. Set the 'Disk Quota' limit of your choice or else set 'Unlimited' as quota limit. If necessary, set the Read & Write permission for FTP account.

Step 6: Finally, click the OK button.

Now a new FTP account has been created in Plesk 9.

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