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What is meant by Domain Sniping?

What is meant by Domain Sniping?

Domain Sniping is the activity of registering a domain name, whose registration had failed immediately after its expiry. In the mean time the domain snipers register the domain before it was done by the owners of the domain. In some cases people may register an expired domain with the intention of reselling it to its original owner at high cost.

In order to obtain high price, the domain sniper will redirect the site to some other site. This intends the original owner of the domain to get back the domain name even by incurring heavy costs.

ICANN have introduced Redemption Grace Period (RGP), in order to stop the sniping activities. This gives an opportunity for the current domain holder/owner to re-register or renew his expired domain within the next 30 days after expiry date. So that others will be restricted from registering that expired domain.

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