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How many days will it take to get the refund amount?

All Payments To (HIOX INDIA) are Non-Refundable. However we may review it on need-be-basis.

Under the circumstances when your payment has to be refunded, you have to send a request mail to from your registered mail id requesting the refund.

Time period of refund will vary with the mode of payment which you have made.

In case you made payment through Online or through Paypal then it would take 3 to 7 business days for you to obtain the refund amount. If the payment has been done by card, it will be refunded to the same card holder's account.

If you had made payment using Offline payment option, (either by Cash or Cheque), then it will take around 2 to 3 weeks for us to provide the refund amount to customers, as it involves a lot of process.

For Domain Names :

You may deactivate or cancel your newly purchased domain within 4 days of the purchase. For which you need to send the cancellation request from your registered email to

Our customer representative will then initiate the process and the amount will be refunded to you.

However, you can block the view of the site to users. For this you should remove the correct Name Servers of your domain.

However you cannot or may not cancel your new domain if it is older than 4 days. Likewise you may also not cancel or get refund for the domains or website names that you have renewed.

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