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My website is showing Phishing attack ahead or reported attack page how to rectify it ?

This kind of attack is Gumblar attack. When you vist attacked website,the harm code in that website will read your password informations stored in your PC (such as FTP password information used in Filezilla ),and send it to the hacker.

The hacker can use this information(FTP password) fetched from your PC and login into you website and put harm code into your site,so that you site also become as vulnerable site.

Now these kind of sites are detected by google and blocked from viewing in browsers such as Firefox,so when your site is attacked with Gumblar ,you will get warrings like Reported To Be Attacked in your site instead of your site display.

To retrive your site from Gumblar attack :

1.Reupload your site files freshly into server from your site backup

2.If the backup contains infected files, then you have to clean up each and every individual files manually. Then make a fresh upload of files to your site.

3.Change your FTP password (Keep strong passwords)

4.Dont store password in FTP clients (like using quickconnect options found in Filezilla)

5.Request Google and Firefox to de-list your site from the vulnerable site list maintained by them.

6.Review your site in google webmaster tool and upload verification file into server and do check after few days, then it wont shows Reported To Be Attacked in your site

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