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How to secure a WordPress based website ?

Now a days wordpress sites are highly vulnerable by low security level. You need to secure your word press & website. Here are few security measure that we recommend for you:

1. Delete unwanted files & folders in your website. Web space is for upload only the required files, kindly upload only the needed files and delete the unwanted.

2. Please set the file & folder permission as below :

Files : 644

Folder : 755

3. Don't keep permission as 777 for any folder or files.

4. If you allow users to upload files (like images or video) through your php code (or word press) then check for the extensions and scan the files before upload. Don't allow the users to upload PHP or HTML code, through that which hackers can upload miscellaneous files and hack your website.

5. In wordpress don't install unwanted themes and plugins. Install only the themes or plugins which are recommended in website.

6. Remove all unwanted themes and plugins if you not really using it.

7. Keep the wordpress admin password strong & secure in the combination of alpha numeric with special characters.

8. We recommend you to password protect to your wp-admin folder in cpanel.

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