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Questions on Linux Reseller Hosting

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How can I add packages for my reseller hosting package?

Add Packages for Reseller hostingYou can add packages using WHM panel and can map it to the accounts. The below given tutorial link will guide you through the process involved in creating a package.Refer

How can I host a domain under reseller hosting.

Unlimited domains can be hosted under reseller hosting package. First create packages in order to host the domains easily. The below tutorial will guide you with the step by step instructions to create

How do I login to WHM?

Login to WHM In order to use Web Host Manager to manage your resold users or create new accounts, first you'll need to logon.If your account is brand new and your domain has not yet propagated, you can

How to re-compile Curl and OpenSSL?

Re-compile Curl and OpenSSL:Step 1: Go to WHM -> Software -> Apache UpdateStep 2: Make sure to select Previously Saved Config (** DEFAULT **)Step 3: Click Start customizing based on ProfileStep 4: Select

How to increase disk space for a domain hosted under my linux reseller account ?

The following steps to be followed for increasing disk space for the domain hosted under linux reseller hosting,Step 1: Login into WHM panelStep 2: In WHM panel search box, type as List Accounts and click

How to change the whm password?

Follow the below steps to modify the WHM password.Note: Only VPS customers can change the WHM password.Step 1: Login to your WHM panel.Step 2: Click on the Server Configuration menu in the top left hand

How to change a domain name in WHM panel?

The below given tutorial will help you with the step by step procedures to change a domain name in WHM Panel.

Controlling spam mails by enabling RBL in reseller accounts?

Controlling spam mails by enabling RBL in reseller accounts?To limit the spam mails in a reseller account, try the following.Step 1: First, login to your WHM panel.Step 2: Now click the EXIM Configuration