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Red5 server for Live Streaming Hosting

Red5 server for Live Streaming Hosting
Red5 is an Open Source Flash Server which is written in Java. This server helps to stream audio and video files to the browser. Red5 server provides a URL (RTMP protocol) that will fetch the video and audio files from Flash Media Encoder and stream to the browser without any interruption. One of the other popular Flash Media Servers is Adobe Flash Media Server.

Advantages of using Red 5 Server:
Red 5 server provides you the ability to broadcast live streaming events and also provides advanced interactive content such as live chat, video conferencing, etc. Video playback requires very less server resources and data transfer. There is very less chance of videos getting stolen as it is downloaded only in the server side. Clients' connection speed can be detected automatically by the server and it provides the best video stream.
Playback starts sooner and the user can skip any part of the video without having to wait for the whole file to download.

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