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Difference Between Shared JSP and Dedicated JVM Hosting

Shared JSP Hosting :

Shared JSP Hosting is meant to host small websites developed using JSP and it supports JSP, MySQL,Apache Tomcat. Shared JSP hosting don't have support for advanced technologies like Servlets,Structs,Beans,EJB etc.

In shared jsp hosting, a website is hosted in a Tomcat server where other users users websites are also hosted so the users won't get control on the Tomcat, also if they need to restart Tomcat, then they need to conduct us for restart. It can be done only by our support team in shared jsp server. Shared JSP also won't have WAR file deployment support. Its supports only .jsp files.

Dedicated JVM Hosting :

Dedicated JVM Hosting is meant to host Java based Business, Enterprise, E-commerce and any other web applications developed using Java. Dedicated JVM supports all Java / J2EE technologies like JSP, Servlets,Struts, Beans, EJB, JSF,JMS, JNDI,JDBC, JTS, JTA and MySQL database as well.

In Dedicated JVM hosting plan users have their own application server like Tomcat,JBOSS,GlassFish etc and control panel [ NGASI Control Panel ] to restart and deploy their WAR files and applications. From NGASI Control Panel users can install desired Application Server version and JDK version required for their application.

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