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Which hosting platform should I prefer, Linux/ Windows?

Windows Hosting:

Windows is the product of Microsoft, used to most common usages. The most important fact is that Wizards wait to help at any turn, tool bars are click-accessible, and you can have several programs running at once and easy to recall. Because of the ease of use, Windows software is usually a better option for those new to programming. A user needs to work with ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Database along with support for PHP and MySQL databases, Windows hosting would be a perfect match.

Linux Hosting:

Linux is open source software, meaning that it has no intellectual property restrictions and thus skips the expense of copyright. People praised that Linux platform is the perfect complement to the idea of the Internet. When a person looks to security, reliable and cheap hosting Linux would be the perfect match. A user needs to work with LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and Php) concepts; Linux hosting would be the grateful for the programming expertise.

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