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Rules to follow on Domain Transfer

Important Note:
Transferring your Domain Name to HIOX INDIA will add 1 more year to your current expiry date.

Important Rules:
* Your Domain Name must be atleast 60 days old. You cannot transfer a Domain Name if it is been registered in the last 60 days. Please check your Domain Name Creation date by performing a WHOIS on your domain name and make sure it is atleast 60 days old. Click on the below given link to check the WHOIS status.

* Before transfer, your domain need to be unlocked, and privacy protection should be disabled.

* Request and get the auth code from the old registrar for transferring.

* Transferring your Domain Name will add one year to its current expiry date. You will be charged with 1 year fees for it.

* NOTE: If your domain gets expired with your old Registrar and you renewed it with them, then do not Transfer it before 45 days of the previous expiry date since it will not add 1 more year to your domain name and you will lose the Renewal fees paid to the older Registrar.

Click here to know the process involved in Domain Transfer

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