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Whats is domain restoration period ?

The TLD extensions like .com / .in will have 36 days as renewal grace period from the date of expiry.If a domain name is not renewed within the renewal grace period, then domain will be moved to restoration

What is Suspicious Domain?

The domain registered with resemblance to the domain name of other registrant might involve in abusive activity.  This kind of  domain names registered will be treated as suspicious domain name.

how to use custom domain on blogger?

Map your domain to your blog: To Configure Your Blogger Account : Log in to your Blogger account. From the Settings tab, select Basic. From Publishing, click the link to add a custom domain name.Type

Site is not ready? Can I still register my domain name now?

No need to have a website for registering the domain nameYes, you can. Registering domain names before the site is really good idea to preserve the desired name to your future website. To register the

how to check domain ip address?

Type  nslookup domainname in terminal to check your domain ip address (A record).

I bought domain from you and bought hosting from another vendor. I have imported some HTML files from their cpanel. i could not see my home page ?

Domain name is website name and hosting is server space where website's files uploaded.Ensure that you have mapped the domain name with hosting server by updating the name server in hioxindia client login.The

When will my expired domain comes to common pool for new registration ?

Once the domain name is expired, it will take approximately 75 days for the domain name to come to the common pool. After it is listed in the common pool, anyone can register this domain.Check out your Domain

how is domain age determined?

One of the many ranking factors in Google's search engine algorithm is the age of a domain name. Domain age is counted from the time of registrationTwo things that are considered in the age of a domain

I have registered domain name with spelling mistake and taken hosting also, can i Change it ?

Yes you can. Domain registered will be in money back period for 5 days from the date of registration. Domain name can be cancelled during this money back period. The domain name cancellation incurs charges

If a whois query does not find a domain name, does that mean it is available?

If a name is not found in a registrar's database, it simply means that the name is not being managed by that particular registrar.

What are subdomains?

SubdomainsSubdomains are usually treated as separate sites from the main domain site. Consider subdomains as an extension of your domain. For example, your site is www.example.com. A subdomain would be

What is suspended-verification-hold?

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) made it mandatory to verify the WHOIS info of all the new domain name registration and domain contact updates. Registered Name Holder of a domain

How to test the domain name using local DNS server

The changes in DNS entries might take some propagation time to take effect. In the meantime, the site can be viewed using the local DNS servers.The local DNS servers are located in In Windows: WINDOWSsystem32driversetchosts

What is Domain Propagation?

Domain PropagationDomain Propagation is the period of time, or delay, involved in sending your domain's address information to all the various name servers in the world. Name servers intentionally keep